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HUNTING LP-ARGENTINA is a hunting company with experience in selling and organizing hunting trips, both for big game and wing shooting in Argentina.

Argentina, with its different climates and geographies offers many options to the sportsmen who arrive to this land with expectations to do their favorite outdoor activity. Our country offers a great variety of native and exotic fauna which became Argentina in one of the most recognized hunting and fishing destinations around the world.Hunting LP gladly stays at your disposition in order to take care of any request that you are willing to ask about our operation.

Big game
Argentina offers different species of big game, native and exotic; their hunt depends on the hunting area where they are available and the hunting season fixed by the wild life authorities. We use stalking or chasing hunting modalities either according to the species willing to be hunted. Regarding the trophies´ measurement systems, the most common are the ones applied by the SCI and the CIC. Hunting is conducted in open aereas, as well as forests, a landscape that makes this place a challenge for every hunter.

How to arrive - Location
Only a valid passport is needed for coming to Argentina, no VISA is required.
Argentina is friendly about gun importation by hunters, you will be asked to declare your guns upon arrival to Ezeiza International Airport. Rifles, except the fully automatic ones, are legal to import into the country, as well as shotguns and handguns. You will be hosted at the International Airport by a person of our company to help you through customs and to escort you to the domestic airport. Private charter flights are available to your comfort.

Big game species available in La Pampa

March to May is the rut of the red deer, though they can be hunted until August. Fallow deer season is also March to August. The rest of the species can be hunted year round.

• Red stag
• Axis deer
• Fallow deer
• Russian boar
• Puma
• Feral goat
• Water buffalo
• Multihorn ram
• Scottish blackface ram
• Somalia ram

• White lipped peccary
• European Mouflon
• Pere David´s deer
• Alpine ibex
• Dorset ram
• Brown brocket deer

• Texas Dall ram
• Cameroon ram
• Himalayan tahr
• Blackbuck

Hunting Season
Given that Argentina is a republic, each of the provinces has prerogatives to apply their own rules and regulations regarding hunting and fishing and to fix different tariffs of their own licenses. We suggest asking us specifically about hunting seasons´ information according to the hunting destination or the species willing to be hunted.

Enjoy the quietness of the Pampas and the five star accommodation lodge while hunting big game in La Pampa, an area known for having a wide range of game, as well as excellent trophies.
Next, we detail the services included and those which are not:

• Personalized outfitter services
• English translation services
• Tour Wheel drive vehicles
• Skinning and first trophy preparation.
• First class accommodations
• All daily meals and quality Argentinean wines
• Non alcoholic drinks
• Maid service and laundry
• Land transportation in hunting area

• The price of each hunted trophy
• Air transport tariffs and taxes of any kind
• Insurance of any kind
• Packing expenses and trophy sending to the place of origin
• Taxidermy expenses
• Import permits and trophy tariffs required by the country of origin
• Alcoholic drinks
• International phone calls or faxes
• Excursions or touring trips to any region of the country
• Land transportation from BA to the hunting area
• Firearms´ introduction fee at customs or gun rentals, as well as the ammunition used during the hunt
• Local hunting permits
• Formalities required for the export of trophies hunted in Argentina
• Medical services of any kind
• Non-Spanish-speaking guide services
• Tips

Big Game Trophy Quality and Methods of Hunting

Big Game Trophy Quality and Methods of Hunting

Red Deer: Red Deer are hunted primarily by spot and stalk. During the rut, which normally falls between March 15 - April 15, they are hunted by the sound of the bugle. Shots are normally short to medium range. Royal stags with heavily crowned tips and between seven to eight points are common.

Axis Deer: Axis Deer are hunted normally by spot and stalk. Hunting the rut is not necessary. Shots are normally medium to long range. Only mature trophy bucks with thick and wide racks of 31 - 35 plus inches and six points are taken.

Blackbuck: Blackbuck are hunted by spot and stalk and occasionally by taking a stand. Sometimes they are hunted safari style, by vehicle until a decent ram is spotted, and then by stalking on foot for the final approach. Shots are from medium to long range. Blackbucks with thick bases and horn lengths of 19 - 22 plus inches are harvested.

Fallow Deer: Fallows are hunted by spot and stalk and occasionally by taking a stand. Shots are medium to long range. Fallow with wide palmation, 24 - 28 inches and 18 - 20 plus points are harvested.

Water Buffalo: Buffalo are hunted by spot and stalk. They are carefully approached as close and as safely as possible. Shots are normally short to medium range. Large magnum calibers with stoutly constructed bullets are used. These animals can be potentially dangerous if wounded. Mature bulls with thick bases and wide horns are harvested.

Puma: Puma or Mountain Lion are hunted by stands over bait and more typically with hounds. Shots are short range only. Mature animals are sought.

Sheep and Goats: The various sheep and goats are hunted by spot and stalk. Shots are medium to long range. Trophy quality is exceptional and only mature males with thick bases and superior length are harvested.

La Pampa:
The hunting area includes a vast region composed of our own properties, concessions and private estates rented by us for hunting purposes. It is located 450 miles far from Buenos Aires city. The environment is dry and plain or with smooth rolling hills. It is covered by native bush where a species of tree named Calden is the most representative of the country but there are other different kind of short thorny bushes. The area also offers some open range which combined with the scrublands constitute a perfect habitat for the hunting species living in these plains.

The Lodge:
The accommodation consists of a luxurious lodge. Our main ranch offers five exclusive bungalows with eight luxurious double rooms with bathroom in suite plus a special suite. Satellite TV, mini bar, phone, Internet access by WiFi, Jacuzzi and so on, are some of the services available for our clients. Our main house was built in a strategic spot with a wonderful view to the Quehue Valley, which can be enjoyed from the wooden deck extended towards it. The main house was conceived for the social activities of the ranch; in that sense it has a living room with a fire place, play room, bar, dinning room, deck with a valley view and a watch tower. We also have an air strip in the ranch suitable for our aircrafts´ (Piper Navajo/Cherokee Six) activities.

The Food :
The ranch has an international chef in charge of our gourmet cuisine. He puts on the table of our guests a great variety of exquisite meals based in game meat (deer, wild boar and so on) and the world famous Argentinean beef. The guests will also enjoy our traditional Argentinean dishes, specially the “asado” (barbecue) which consist in beef cooked over the embers or firewood. Given that Argentina is one of the main wine producers in the world and the quality of its´ products is known beyond its borders, the hunters will have the opportunity to try the best wines of the region.
Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are always served to our clients who will enjoy all the time the high quality services of our chefs.
Non hunters activities:
Horse back riding, ATV rides, photographic safaris, shopping around the city and so on, are some of the programs offered to the non hunter companions.

Luxury Rooms

Transportation to the ranch can be done in commercial flights or in our own aircrafts.

Transportation to the ranch can be done in commercial flights or in our own aircrafts.
Wing shooting

Thanks to its vast geography and diversity of native species, this South-American country offers one of the best wing shooting proposals of the world.

Wing shooting hunting species

European Hares

• Personalized outfitter services
• English translation services
• Four-wheel-drive vehicles available for the group of hunters
• Birds´ preparation
• First class accommodation with laundry and maid services
• All daily meals with Argentinean quality wine
• Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in the field
• All hunted animals according to the previously agreed number of pieces
• Reception, assistance at Buenos Aires Int´l airport

• Personal secretaries
• Air transport tariffs and taxes of any kind
• Insurance of any kind
• Ground transportation from/to Buenos Aires Int´l airport
• Taxidermy expenses and export to the place of origin
• Import permits and tariffs required by the country of origin
• Alcoholic drinks
• International phone calls or faxes
• Excursions or tours to any region of the country
• Travel expenses from the country of origin
• Rifle and shotgun rentals, as well as the ammunition used during the hunt
• Local hunting permits and firearm introduction permits at the local customs.
• Formalities required for the export of trophies hunted in Argentina
• Medical services of any kind
• Non-Spanish/English speaking guide services
• Tips
- Ground transportation from Buenos Aires to the hunting area

Dove Hunting

For the lovers of the sportive dove-shooting, Argentina offers great opportunities which are difficult to find in other parts of the world.
Our big sown plains, the rivers that furrow our lands and the bounding extensions of hill are the perfect habitat for the different species of doves that populate our country.
From the little turtledove (zenaida auriculata) up to the big pigeon (colomba pica zuro), all of them move through the airs of all our territory in huge quantities that result unbelievable for the foreign hunter.
The dove hunting season extends during the whole year, which allows the hunter to organize its hunting trip inside an extensive variety of possibilities.
The lodging and the services are from international first level and this program allows combining the hunt with complementary activities as national tourism.
Due to the exposed things above, we consider that the dove hunting in Argentina is a unique experience that our hunters do not have to waste during their hunting visits to our country.

Water fowl hunting (Ducks)
Thanks to the diversity of regions with the perfect features needed to harbor all these kind of birds, Argentina also counts with the ideal habitat for the water fowl species.

The wet pampas area, with a high quantity of ponds and wetlands is one of the main duck hunting areas of the country during the months of the Southern hemisphere’s Autumn and Winter (May to August) which is the traditional hunting season of these species.
The rice fields of the North East of Argentina offer the chance to do duck hunting through out the year, using special licenses issued for certain ducks´ species which make damages to the rice crops.
The most common species of ducks are: yellow billed pintail, speckled teal, southern widgeon, red shoveler and rosy billed pochard among others.
The hunt takes place in the fields nearby the ponds where these birds nest during their stay in the winter area where they feed themselves with tender grass and seeds.


In all our wings hooting programs our lodges have excellent quality, however the one for the high volume dove shooting in La Pampa province deserves a special reference.
We offer a world class country estate which provides not only great accommodations and services but international gourmet cuisine, swimming pool, SPA (massages, sauna, Jacuzzi, hot tubes and so on) and a great variety of activities for non hunter companions like, touring trips and many more.


Sport fishing
Argentine Patagonian
Game Fishing is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the true nature of the Argentina.The Argentine Patagonian waters present the ideal conditions for practicing sport fishing in all its forms. Depending on your preference, you can practice flycasting, spinning or trolling in the middle of the thrilling nature at the southern end of the world. At the different Patagonian destinations you can hire the service of bilingual fishing experts and rent all the necessary equipment if you don't have it. Season and permits: The fishing season extends mainly from November to the mid April or May. However, it is possible to practice sport fishing in the Atlantic coast and in some Patagonian rivers all year long.
Famous for their size and wild condition, fish like the rainbow trout, brown trout, steelhead fontanels or stream trout, silver trout, the land-locked salmon and Pacific salmon fascinate the lovers of this sport in the Patagonian waters. Also very attractive in the area are native species such as the perch and the Patagonian silverside. Sharks, sea basses, sargos, chuchos [Southern eagle fish], rays, flat head fish and soles round off a unique offer in the warm waters of the Atlantic coastline.

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TOURS-SIGHTSEEING: Besides safari hunting, La Pampa has many fantastic destinations to visit. If you are interested in touring or sightseeing before, during or after your hunting safari, we can suggest fine companies that offer personally guided tours by registered specialist tour guides.

If you wish to extend your stay in Argentina, please let us know. When you arrived to Buenos Aires, before you go to La Pampa or after that, we do have many different other tours options:Buenos Aires City Tours, Iguazu Watter Falls (Iguazú National Park), The Glaciars, and other spectacular journey. We invite you to join an unique experience.

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